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Sales Order Processing

Entering or importing orders and answering customer questions about order status are just about the biggest job for any business. Enter Orders Fast and Accurately!
With the i2i user interface, your staff will become more efficient. Easy to use features give your staff the power to quickly enter customer selections. Of course, it’s really the little things that make i2i software a pleasure to use, and the graphical interface makes order entry seem effortless.
      • If you forget the inventory stock code, look-up a stock item , Enter a new stock item on-the-fly if you don’t carry it in your catalogue.
      • Change an inventory items unit cost, discount and description. You have complete control over everything associated with the order and its items.
      • Turn all your admin staff into salespeople with product up-sells, cross-sells, and substitutes.
      • Write the customer a memo on the invoice or send them a personalised letter.
      • In the event of partial back orders, i2i lets designated customer service or order entry staff select to ship the in-stock items ahead of the back ordered items. i2i automatically takes care of the billing and shipping.
      • Issue Return Notes with reason codes. Process returns and i2i automatically balances the customer account.
      • Create an order quotation and print, fax, or e-mail the quote to your customers direct from i2i Order Entry screen. Turn a quote into an order with just a click of your mouse.

Multiple Shipping Addresses  

Orders with separate shipping addresses are no problem for i2i software. In fact, you can enter as many recipients as you need in a single order. i2i consolidates all the shipping and merchandise charges on a single invoice.

Counter Sales

i2i also gives you a full-featured cash register to take and transact counter sales. Many i2i companies also have a front-office store. i2i’s POS module gives you a specially designed order entry screen and register reports to support your point of sale operation.

Order Processing

Making sure that your customers orders go out-the-door fast and without mistakes is no small task. And, to keep a handle on your order picking, packing and shipping operation, you need to be able to track each order as if it was the only order in your warehouse!

Know Where Every Order Is At Every Minute!

i2i makes it easy to stay on top of order processing whether it’s three or three thousand orders per day! The up-to-the-minute status report lets you select and review orders by status orders that have not been picked, packed or shipped, orders awaiting credit card approval, orders with a particular stock item, and many more! With this kind of tracking working for you, you’ll not only impress your customers, you’ll be able to identify potential trouble spots in your fulfillment process before they become actual problems.

Customise Order Processing for your Business

When it comes to printing paperwork and shipping orders out-the-door, each companys needs are very unique. i2i lets you design your own order processing routine. You decide what paperwork you need  pick tickets, packing slips, invoices, shipping labels. You also decide how you want to print the paperwork  for all orders in a single batch or for one order at a time with additional options for barcode scan and pack routines.

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