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Case study – Manufacturing

Over the past 10 years we tried a number of stock control systems, each with its own draw backs, as well as a huge array of spread sheets, Gantt charts and other programs trying to bridge communications between our sales, admin staff, production team, buyers and customer service reps.
We have seen a huge benefit in each of these area’s by moving over to i2i and am pleased to say we have managed to get rid of all the unnecessary 3rdparty applications and replace all with sections of i2i. Below if a brief insight in to some of our business area’s and how i2i have helped it:


By moving to i2i our sales staff can quickly and confidently quote our customers with the most up to date prices based on our purchasing and manufacturing costs, they can give a solid lead time with information inputted by our production department, and by using the number of settings available per client account, manage their individual needs including delivery instructions and personalized documents.


Using the team work applications in i2i has enabled all our admin staff to manage their tasks, tasks allocated to others and also report on theirs and other members of the teams progress and performance by using deadlines and urgency control. Not only do they have a detailed task list but in the simple way these tasks are created they can access import information for that task by the push of a button as each task can be linked to a sales order, client account or supplier account ect.


Purchasing has never been so easy, with the simple reports i2i you know what you need, when and for who, it simply tells you what you need and with a couple of clicks it will make a PO for the required item, for the correct supplier and add the price, all you need to do it select who the PO needs be emailed to. It even tells your goods inward guys when their booking the stock in what order(s) it’s for, it also prints a little sticker to manage when that item came in and who from ect.
The above is just a brief insight in to how i2i helps us, it doesn’t begin to cover how much its improved our production and manufacturing department control and its compatibility with our accounting program.
On a final note we’d like to thank the i2i team, the great software is matched with a great team and support network, as i2i will become the heart of your company if you every do have any problems you won’t remember how to manage without it, luckily the on hand support means you will never be down for long if ever!

Phillip Thompson Operations Director

Tranquil PC LTD