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Case study – Apparel

Axl and DOH

Axl and DOH

Axl and DOH


As our business has grown and we’ve needed to become more efficient. i2i play an integral role in helping us keep our supply chain systems streamlined, from control of our purchasing through to our customer’s door.

The software enables our sales team to provide the prompt and informed sales service that has become our trademark within our marketplace.
i2i provide our purchasing team with up to date information both with demand ,sales and stock with easy to use interfaces , there is no doubt that this software will be a key part in our efficiency and profitability.

i2i software has played a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, this software has been crucial in helping us provide that. .

The i2i team have also provided us with a solution to be able to integrate with our existing e-Commerce platform as well as providing a warehouse system so there will be seamless flow down to the fulfillment.

The user interface is very efficient to move around and drill down to find necessary information without browsing different menu items all over the system. Their support is very prompt, so everyone in the company who is using this system gets a quick answer for their questions as needed.

If you are running an apparel distribution business with commerce and accounting all in one place with reasonable cost then this will be the ideal solution for you since they are providing a system at relatively low cost while it has all the functionality that other high-priced systems have.


Mark Schofield

(Operations Manger)