About us

Inventory 2 Invoice Ltd has been trading as a company since 2009 and has developed a stable and secure company for its customers. Users of the software are ever growing due to the ease of use and functionality that the software offers. The directors of the company originated from an engineering and distribution background and hence have first hand experience on what is required.


Throughout the directors manufacturing years they have worked with many of the large software packages and have worked to develop the software based on the best features within these software packages and also adding key features which we believe are necessary. This is where Inventory 2 Invoice has been designed to be simple and easy to use but at the same time offering you advanced technology at an affordable price.


Inventory 2 Invoice is committed to enhancing the software and looks at its customers as a community, therefore is there is a requirement from your company that will benefit the community we will integrate this into the software free of charge. Please take a look at all of the features that are offered as standard on our package to see how it can help your business.

How We Work


We work with a step-by-step format to ensure that every step along the way is covered and to ensure that all of your queries are answered. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that your demands and needs are met resulting in a software package that is perfectly matched with your company.


  • Step 1 – Get in touch with us

  • Step 2 – Get a demonstration

  • Step 3 – Training and Implementation

  • Step 4 – You go Live!​​

i2i Co-Founders


Nathan Adams – Director –  Co-founder of i2i who has developed the software from the ground up. After working within the industry for many years, Nathan has taken the best of his knowledge and experience and put this into the design of the software. Nathan's career began with an Engineering apprenticeship at the MoD Cardiff (Where the business partners originally met!). Nathan’s past experiences range from being an IT manager at various companies from a technical hands on roll through to international project management. Previous roles include;-

Thermocouple Instruments: Project Manager MRP2 Implementation  ICAPS Senior Flexonics: Multi Site IT Manager implemented JBA System 21 (AS 400) across two sites (South Wales and Hertfordshire) Ninka Plast UK Limited: International IT Projects Manager, implementing Baan (v4.3) across three European sites (South Wales, Germany and Czech Republic) Basic Hardware Plc: Information Systems Manager developing bespoke software Select Hardware Ltd (Colsen Group): IT Manager implemented multi language ERP software Syspro v9 across the UK within the manufacturing arm of the group. In addition to the above he has completed numerous contracts for blue chip companies including Meryl Lynch Investment Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Co-op financial services and Hays Group Plc . Nathan is also a qualified Mechanical engineer and is equally at home when consulting in a manufacturing environment.


Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 20.56.29.png

John Sutton – Technical Director – Co-founder of i2i, John is the Technical Director who deals with the main design and software development side of the business. John has a vast range of experiences within the industry and has also used his knowledge and experience to enhance the software package. John began his career by completing an engineering apprenticeship at the MoD Cardiff, the apprenticeship and subsequent employment, required programming various machines such as horizontal machining centres, vertical and horizontal Borers. Previous roles include;-

National Centre for Product Design & Development Research: Pioneered their use of CAD/CAM for their development work. Utilizing SDRC Ideas Gen Mach and CAMAX software he  began programming in creating post-processors for the CNC machine tools. His main interest in this area was the creation of a standardised process for the manufacture of rapid injection mould tooling utilising CAD/CAM machining technology.

Tomoe Tritech: Developed many database applications such as Shop floor data capture to generate OEE graphs, Tooling Sheets,  work Instructions and production planning. Hobbs Valve: Engineering / IT Manager responsible for Valve design, Supplier development improving their manufacturing processes, CAD setup and administration, Company IT systems (Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL Server and User Support) Supplier development improving their manufacturing processes


Who needs Distribution and Manufacturing Software?


If you resell purchased items and you manually create documents using excel or word. i2i Distribution software will automate this process and email out documents automatically. Do you create Quotes/Sales orders? Do you need to manage Customer/Supplier needs and information? Do you need to manage Stock? When do I need it? How much stock to hold? i2i will provide accurate reports for Stock values and Sales reports for quick analysis.


If you Manufacture products or Subcontract components for in house assembly into a finished product you can benefit from our manufacturing software. You can create Works Orders, Job cards for Shop floor and also create route cards to show Job Operations as well as recording time against each operation using barcode scanners.


Stock Control


inventory 2 invoice will ensure you hold enough stock to meet the current demand from Sales Orders and Works Orders. The Purchasing exceptions list will indicate items that need ordering to meet demand from Sales Orders, Works Orders and Max/Min quantities held within the inventory. Purchase orders can be raised directly from the exception list and i2i can then be used to manage suppliers and expedite purchase orders. As stock is received the actual price paid is stored with items within inventory which gives an accurate figure when reporting stock values and sales order margin reports.


Powerful Information Management systems for manufacturers


The software boasts one other unique element – it grows organically. i2i encourages users to suggest features they would like to see added, if these features will benefit the entire user community then we will create them without any cost. Where else do you get bespoke manufacturing software without paying large consultancy and development fees? With i2i you can run your entire business from one simple system. Administration is made quick and easy, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

“Ultimately the flexibility and can-do attitude of you and your team was the deciding factor”

 Simon Walker – UPM Kymmene (UK) Ltd

What makes us different?


Where i2i really stands out is in its simplicity. We understand just how complex many manufacturing software systems can be, so we have created a system that everyone in your organisation can use, from engineers and shop floor staff to senior decision makers. Inventory 2 Invoice has been developed by warehousing and manufacturing experts with years of experience in manufacturing and distribution software. We have used our experience with these systems to develop a lighter, easier to use system, that more than meets the demands of any business, any size. i2i software requires lower maintenance, reduced support costs and no large capital outlay.


Inventory 2 Invoice believes in continuously developing the software, not only based upon individual users but also in producing manufacturing and distribution software based around the needs of its customer community as a whole. This has resulted in manufacturing and distribution software that anyone can use. Many business owners complain that the software they have invested in is data rich but information poor. That is why i2i has been built as a data rich and information richer system offering greater reporting power. Access accurate information on sales figures, stock levels, inventory and production capacity whenever you need it.