About i2i.

We are a passionate team that care about our customers and always ensure we deliver the very best results.

Our Team

Our Customers Take on Tomorrow.

We possess the insight, expertise and technology to provide our users with a digital advantage.

The key pillars to our success are digital automation, significant industry experience, hard work and personalised customer service levels unrivalled in the ERP/SaaS environment.

Our trusted team are here to work for you and help you succeed, by giving you the time to spend on value adding activities with your people, product / service, supply chain and customers.

Boost efficiency, expand capacity and sharpen the accuracy of your business with i2i. Your all in one, one stop ERP Business tool.

We digitalise the winners of tomorrow.

Always delivering focus, direction and growth.

Hear from the Owner and Founder of i2i, Nathan Adams.

Nathan developed the software from the ground up. After working within the industry for many years, he has taken the best of his knowledge, experience and put this into the design of the software.

Let Nathan talk you through his humble beginnings, his core values and why everyone in the business continues to deliver on i2i’s fundamental purpose.

Discover more about i2i.

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

Be Humble

We never stop learning, developing and delivering for you, our customer. We continue to break things to make them better. Working with our community of customers and their businesses we gather their feedback, suggestions, and ideas from real life scenarios to apply immediate change.

Be Nimble

With a team of onshore developers, we operate within a RAD (Rapid Application Development) Environment and can deliver what your business needs quickly. We do not have to wade through endless hours of red tape and bureaucracy to deliver a solution that is going make your business better. We just do it!

Be Hungry

We are not competing with anyone; we simply want to be the best that we can be for our customers. That means we never stand still, we are always in a perpetual state of change that brings forward new functionality and software enhancements to make our customers businesses better.

Our Purpose

Our goal is simple, we are here to make your life easier. Our aim is to automate and streamline as many of your key processes as possible, providing you with real-time insightful data to provide greater efficiencies and an overall better performing business.

Our People

Our community of customers and colleagues are at the heart of what we do. Our team work for each other not with each other and are here to deliver for our customers at every level. Our people underpin who we are and their aim is to help you to take on tomorrow.

Your Future

Our software is automated for your processes and enables i2i to do the hard work so you don’t have to. You can ditch the spreadsheets, re-drafting emails and replication of data sets, our purpose built software will allow you to spend time on more value adding activities.

Our Results...

“i2i has enabled us to combine our previously separate systems into a single system, thus saving us huge amounts of time in data entry & data transfers.”

Andrew Trott, Rhino Global Ltd

“We receive a faultless personal service from i2i, they’re readily available for any support with a pick-up of the phone. For anyone thinking of using i2i, don’t think, do it. You won’t regret it.”

Matt Davies, Recliners Ltd

“Reval have been using i2i Distribution and Stock control for many years. The system is crucial to our day to day operations as we rely on the software to effectively action all our day to day sales and purchase order requirements.”

Stacey Taylor, Reval Continuing Care Ltd

“i2i has given us a one stop solution for stock control, sales management & invoicing. This has enabled us to streamline our process as well as improve our warehouse management, to better manage our supply chain and customer orders.”

Keiron Blackburn, Rhino Global Ltd