Accounting and Reporting


I2I Software gives you the power to analyze at all levels from inventory movements through to invoicing reports including year on year sales, top ranking product sales and much more.



Relational Database + SQL = Incredible Reporting Power

The way a system stores and accesses information determines how quickly and flexibly you can create reports. The incredible power of i2i Software’s reporting functions is based on the combination of a 4th generation relational database for information storage and structured query language (SQL) for information access. i2i’s relational database creates the connections between the individual files in your system, and SQL supercharges database access no matter how big the report i2i processes it at the same speed.


In any successful business, tracking and reporting the daily financial numbers is a demanding task. With i2i keeping the books for you, you’ll always be ready when the accountant calls. And, there’s no doubt about it you and your accountant are going to love i2i’s thoroughness and adherence to accepted accounting principles.


Accounts Receivable

Every time a customers order is entered, every time a payment is recorded from a customer, every time a refund or promotional credit is processed, i2is Journal File records the transaction. And, when you need to report on your A/R activity, i2i provides the most comprehensive list of reports to fill the bill, including A/R Aging, Sales Listings, and A/R Journal Activity, you can also print month end statements.


Accounts Payable

Every time you record delivery of a purchase order from a supplier, you automatically create a payables transaction in the i2i A/P Journal. And, i2i Software gives you the ability to age payables to the maximum allowable date for any particular supplier. Just point & click to select invoices for payment.


Inventory Valuation

For cost of goods calculations, i2i keeps an up-to-date figure based on FIFO, or a running average of all purchases for each stock item. And, with the Inventory Transaction and Cost Lot reports, you’ll be able to track each and every change to your inventory quantities and value.


General Ledger Interface

If you’re like most businesses today, you probably already use one of several of the most popular PC general ledger accounting packages. At i2i, we don’t expect you to give up a system that is already working for your company (and something that your accountant really likes). That’s why i2i lets you keep your existing accounting software by providing an interface to all of the popular software accounting packages available today. Just setup the account numbers in i2i’s G/L maintenance screen and post the i2i A/P and A/R Journals directly into your favorite PC accounting system. It’s as easy as pressing the Enter key on your keyboard!


i2i Integrates with Major Accounting Packages - XERO & SAGE

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