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i2i software – top tech stories – March 2022

It’s no secret that we love all things tech-related.

Technology transforms how we live our lives and with new developments happening so frequently, there’s always something to be inspired by.

Every month, we’ll share a round up of the tech stories that have got us talking in the office in the hopes of inspiring you too!

This month it’s the turn of i2i Account Manager Joseph, to bring you his top tech news…

  1. A Chinese company, Space Transportation, is developing a supersonic jet capable of traveling from New York to China in just one hour.

The jet has been described as being “a rocket with wings.”

Joseph said “These aviation plans are really incredible, and it would be amazing to be able to            travel so far, so quickly. The world is becoming so much more connected.”

Read the full article here: New York – China in 1 hour

2. Rumour has it that the iPhone 15 Pro models will place the Face ID components under the                 display. But the handset will still feature a hole-punch design.

Face ID is the most sophisticated biometric authentication system available on smartphones.              There’s a reason only Apple has it, and that has to do with the complexity of the tech and the              costs related to deploying it.

“As a lover of Apple products I find it fascinating to see how they advance each model and                  remain at the forefront of innovation every time.” Joseph said.

Find out more here: iPhone Face ID

  1. Our customers rely on data to ensure their business is running at optimum efficiency. We regularly roll out new updates and features to enhance our business software and this month we launched a feature which allows customisable searches, delivering more specific reporting.

Users can customise status settings for Quotes, Exceptions, Sales Orders in the global settings          section of the dashboard.

The key benefit of this customisation means users can filter their main searches and narrow              down their reporting, drilling down to specific information that can help drive improvements                  across different areas of the business. Discover the other key features our software delivers.

A Spotlight on i2i’s First Line Support Manager Bradley

Last year we made some key appointments to our team and Bradley, our First Line Support Manager, was one of them.

Bradley joined us at the start of November with a technical background, having worked previously as an IT Technician for a large manufacturer.

His role with i2i was a change of direction, being more customer focused and working within a small, agile team and Bradley has immersed himself in our collaborative, results driven culture from the get-go. He told us:

“The last 4 months have been a steep learning curve, but I’ve enjoyed every second.

I wanted to join i2i because they’re ambitious, innovative and have an all-hands-on deck approach and this has allowed me to develop my skills faster than I could’ve imagined.

There’s such a positive attitude within the team and we’re always encouraged to share our ideas which is really motivating.

My role is primarily focused on customer support, whether its new or old customers. I am constantly using the software and learning more about its capabilities which ensures our customers are getting the best possible experience. I also do a lot behind the scenes, managing our servers and various external applications that we use.

There is so much opportunity to learn and develop here at i2i and in the longer term I’d like to have more involvement in the development side of things and learning the coding language.”

Bradley has made a real impact within the team and we’re looking forward to supporting his development and growth with i2i.

We’re always on the look out for talented individuals who share our passion for problem solving and service.

If you’re looking to join a fast growing, innovative software development team, please contact Gareth for an informal chat:

How your business can Benefit from the Zebra Warehouse Scanner

We’ve recently rolled out a new product to our customers and the positive feedback has been flying in. Zebra Warehouse Scanners are handheld, wireless devices and they’re a gamechanger in the warehouse environment.

Want to know how? Here are the top 5 benefits…

  1. Streamline your inventory management

Utilising the warehouse scanners puts all your key information in one place, giving you increased visibility over these important processes. From stock counts, locations, order fulfilment dates and more, you’re able to gather accurate information, quickly. The scanners update in real time meaning you can find out the current status and location of all your assets at the click of a button, enhancing both productivity and efficiency.

  1. Faster, more efficient inventory turnover

Manual stock counts and checks can be a thing of the past, allowing you to maximise your staff in other areas of the business and reducing error rates. The devices can help to ensure the correct goods are received and dispatched and give you full visibility over the location of goods at any given time meaning you can provide accurate updates to customers. A connected warehouse also helps you to manage stock control more efficiently as you can see what’s most in demand and what’s not, and order accordingly.

  1. Photo and Signature capability for proof of dispatch

Digitising your warehouse provides you with a full inventory trail from the moment stock leaves your warehouse to point of delivery. The Zebra Warehouse Scanner allows you to add additional layers of security including photograph and signature capability, enhancing the delivery experience and providing easily accessible digital records. In an increasingly dominant e-commerce world, our clients find this feature fantastic when it comes to keeping a digital trace on high volume order fulfilment.

  1. Provides a user-friendly experience in your Warehouse

The warehouse guns are easy to use, wireless devices with full HD display that is easy to read. Our client in the Apparel sector Sophie told us: “The handgun is very simple to use and has made our order collection process a lot more reliable and efficient. It allows us to log all dispatches/collections with a proof of signature in a few minutes, reducing the amount of paperwork and filing. Having a digital record also means anyone in our organisation can check the collection status of an order in moments, regardless of their location.”   

  1. Accurate transaction tracking and audit trail in your i2i database

The Zebra warehouse scanner allows you to log and track all actions undertaken by all users. Not only does this give clear visibility and ownership across your warehouse, but it also enables more collaborative working across different teams. Output and productivity are improved because your workforce has all information they need at their fingertips. Gone are the days of manually inputting data and searching for paperwork, employees are empowered to work more efficiently and can in turn deliver better service to customers.

As a trusted Zebra partner, i2i can help your business benefit from a range of digital warehouse solutions.

We are currently offering our customers two options including a pay monthly contract or a one-time purchase of the scanner.

For more information and tailored solutions, get in touch with us today.


Office Admin Manager Sophie reflects on 3 months’ with i2i

Earlier this year, we took on Sophie Adams as Office Administrator Manager.

With our client base growing rapidly as well as moving into new premises at Cardiff Gate, we needed a dedicated person to control all administrative duties, so that we could focus on continuously innovating our software and providing the best service to our clients.

Three months’ on and Sophie has already made a huge impact and streamlined many processes

We caught up with her recently to find out how she’s found her new role and to share a bit about her background so that you can get to know her better!

Before joining the i2i team, Sophie was doing a degree in Film Studies. She graduated with a 2:1 and wanted to gain some experience in the world of work fresh out of university.

She said: “It’s been a good eye opener and has helped a great deal in terms of organisational skills, confidence, working with numbers and communication. 

I’m really enjoying my role so far. The first three months have flown by and in this time, I’ve learnt a great deal! 

The team are so friendly and are always there to answer any questions and guide me along the way. Nathan and Gareth have done very well showing me the ropes so far. 

The main elements of my role include:

    • Clear and sufficient communication between myself and i2i’s customers to ensure that the correct payments through and are paid on time. 
    • Bank reconciling – one-on-one training with i2i’s accountant; providing management accounts and other useful board information
    • Filing, answering phones, invoicing customers and much more.”

It’s been fantastic having Sophie in the team, she’s brought a new dynamic and has so much potential. 

As a business, we continue to grow! Our team is expanding further and looking to recruit a First Line Support Manager as well as an I.T. Manager / ERP Consultant. If you’re looking to join a fast growing, innovative software development team, we want to hear from you.

To discuss either of the roles please contact: