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What is ERP and how can it benefit your business?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and put simply, it is a system which consolidates all of the core business processes including manufacturing, HR, finance, procurement, supply chain and more, making it easier to efficiently manage them via one, centralised and integrated system.

This system, in our case i2i business software, enables a business to access all its data in one place meaning all functions of the business can be connected and working from the same information. Crucially, having access to all of this information gives businesses a superpower… accurate, real-time data.

In a data driven world, it is one of the major drivers of growth in any business. Having access to and understanding your data means your business can predict trends, identify opportunities, work collaboratively and have the agility to stay ahead of the competition.

ERP can help businesses of all sizes in a huge range of sectors to operate more efficiently, but not all ERP solutions are the right fit for your business.  Our clients range from retailers, manufacturers, healthcare, logistics, hospitality and more, with a turnover of up to £100m.

Here are 6 key benefits of using ERP:

  1. Enhanced productivity

An ERP system can streamline and automate many of the major business functions, leaving employees to focus on tasks that generate profit. Tasks such as reporting, stock taking, order processing and keeping customers up to date are both time consuming and easily susceptible to human error. By contrast, automating both complex and tedious tasks can free up the time of staff to enable them to utilise their time more productively. Not only does this improve your ROI, but it also boosts employee morale and engagement as they’re more likely to be carrying out meaningful and interesting tasks.

  1. Detailed reporting

Business intelligence is essential in today’s world and an ERP stores huge amounts of data and analytics which can be utilised for key decision making. i2i’s dashboard displays with crucial data, in an easy-to-read format allowing users to access important information at a glance. The customisable dashboards make it easier to generate reports which can be tailored to the end user.


  1. Improved customer relationships

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and ERP software is a great tool for improving customer satisfaction. By connecting different aspects of a business and utilising data, organisation’s can not only engage with their customers more efficiently, but they can also tailor their service to each customer’s needs. Enhanced levels of service set businesses ahead of their competitors and encourage repeat business.

  1. Increased agility

Having access to real-time and in-depth information allows business leaders to make informed decisions, both tactically and strategically. This could mean identifying new market trends and being able to act upon them as well as reacting to new opportunities or competition. With an operation running more efficiently and with increased visibility of an operation as a whole, inefficiencies can be identified and eliminated quickly, reducing any long-term impact on a business.

  1. Improves collaboration

An effective ERP system means all of an organisation’s information is in one place making collaboration between locations and departments much easier. Whether a business has sites across several different locations or ships products globally, our software provides complete visibility and traceability. A central point of accurate information allows project planning to be carried out more efficiently and allows c-suite to get quick and easy answers to any critical business questions.

We deliver a first class all in one business management software solution, combining automation, detailed reporting and high-performance functionality expertly integrated to suit your business.

The result – you can grow your business by working more efficiently than ever before and having access to powerful data to shape your decisions. We help digitise the winners of tomorrow.

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Tech round up – April 2022

i2i Tech Round-up April
April has flown by in a flash! It’s been a busy month at i2i we’ve been onboarding and training new customers, servicing our existing ones and continuing to enhance our product with further updates including the release of a completely new version of i2i, giving our users more functionality and increased performance.
As always, we’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest tech news and our First Line Support Manager Bradley has summarised his top 3 highlights of the month.

1. The news of Elon Musk buying the social media platform Twitter for an incredible $44bn has to be the top tech news story.
Bradley says: “what interests me most about the buyout is the fact that Musk has stressed his passion for the platform to become one for free speech. He’s also said he’ll completely get rid of Twitter adverts. it will be interesting to see whether either of these things come to fruition especially as the UK and EU have already warned that Twitter must comply with new content rules aiming to prevent hate speech or risk facing sanctions.
Read more about this news here: Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for $44bn – BBC News
2. The next tech update that caught Bradley’s eye this month was the news that watching television is self-driving cars will be allowed.

“This story stood out for all the wrong reasons, I don’t think it’s a very good idea! The article also states that it will still be illegal to go but watching tv won’t be. It doesn’t make much sense to me but it will be interesting to see how it develops as it is supposed to be implemented by 2025. One positive about the roll out of self-driving cars is the prediction that it will boost the economy and creating over 38,000 jobs.” Bradley said.
Read more: Watching TV in self-driving cars to be allowed – BBC News
3. The third tech highlight is that our EPOS system now has back-order capability.
Bradley explained: “This is a big feature for us and a good excuse to shout about the impressive tills! If a customer wants to add something on as a back order that isn’t in stock, the till will automatically place the order under the customer’s account. Automating this process saves time and improves the sales process. The feature also allows the user to select which warehouse a product will be coming from which makes tracking the order and managing stock levels much simpler and efficient.”
A great tech round-up from Bradley!
If you want to know more about our EPOS system or any other features of our business software get in touch for a no obligation chat.

i2i software – top tech stories – March 2022

It’s no secret that we love all things tech-related.

Technology transforms how we live our lives and with new developments happening so frequently, there’s always something to be inspired by.

Every month, we’ll share a round up of the tech stories that have got us talking in the office in the hopes of inspiring you too!

This month it’s the turn of i2i Account Manager Joseph, to bring you his top tech news…

  1. A Chinese company, Space Transportation, is developing a supersonic jet capable of traveling from New York to China in just one hour.

The jet has been described as being “a rocket with wings.”

Joseph said “These aviation plans are really incredible, and it would be amazing to be able to            travel so far, so quickly. The world is becoming so much more connected.”

Read the full article here: New York – China in 1 hour

2. Rumour has it that the iPhone 15 Pro models will place the Face ID components under the                 display. But the handset will still feature a hole-punch design.

Face ID is the most sophisticated biometric authentication system available on smartphones.              There’s a reason only Apple has it, and that has to do with the complexity of the tech and the              costs related to deploying it.

“As a lover of Apple products I find it fascinating to see how they advance each model and                  remain at the forefront of innovation every time.” Joseph said.

Find out more here: iPhone Face ID

  1. Our customers rely on data to ensure their business is running at optimum efficiency. We regularly roll out new updates and features to enhance our business software and this month we launched a feature which allows customisable searches, delivering more specific reporting.

Users can customise status settings for Quotes, Exceptions, Sales Orders in the global settings          section of the dashboard.

The key benefit of this customisation means users can filter their main searches and narrow              down their reporting, drilling down to specific information that can help drive improvements                  across different areas of the business. Discover the other key features our software delivers.

i2i End of Year Round-up

As 2021 draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on the year and how it’s been a marker for a number of exciting milestones for our business. 

Ending the year on a high feels particularly meaningful this year, so we wanted to share our top 5 highlights of 2021 to share the positivity and as a reminder of the year it’s been.

We hope you enjoy our i2i 2021 round up! 

  1. Key Appointments

This year we’ve made some key appointments to our team including Office Administration Manager, Sophie, First Line Support Manager, Bradley, Senior IT Manager, Aaron and Account Manager Joseph. In the short space of being part of the i2i team, they’ve all made a hugely positive impact and have helped push our business in the direction of growth. The team is stronger than ever, and we’ve created a culture within the business that fosters innovation, passion and creativity from everyone. 

  1. New Home/Moved into our new office

Like many businesses, we spent lockdown working remotely and this became our norm. However, after making some organisational changes and redefining our roles we decided that a modern, centralised office space would enable us to get the best from our growing team. Moving into our HQ at Cardiff Gate in July was a stand-out moment for us this year and we’ve certainly made the place our own with the i2i logo and strapline “Be Humble, Be Nimble, Be Hungry” emblazoned on the walls, as a daily reminder of what drives us.

  1. Product Development

Throughout the year we’ve continued to develop and enhance our software to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of ERP and supporting our customers as their businesses evolve. We’ve added a number of new features including;

  • Cross Database Functionality for Multi Company Groups, giving total transparency and ease of reporting across multiple companies.
  • Dynamic Min/Max in buying tools
  • Purchase requisitions giving total buying control against all internal requirements
  • Android mobile computers giving a full WMS (Warehouse Management System) and proof of dispatch/collection with photo evidence and signature capture. We recently wrote a blog on the benefits which you can read here.
  • Tutorials on our YouTube channel to provide our customers with a catalogue of useful videos to help them get the most from the software.

We understand there’s been a lot of change and if you feel you would benefit from either a refresh of existing modules or new functions that would help further support your business let u know and we can arrange for either F2F or remote training where required.  We want to ensure you’re getting the very most from the software.

  1. Brand Refresh

As part of refocusing our core vision and values, we gave our branding a refresh in order to reflect them. We launched a new website earlier this year, which is much easier to navigate and we believe it encompasses our philosophy perfectly. We’ve added some new graphics, video testimonials from some of our clients as well as a news and blog section which we’ll continue to update with informative and interesting content. Keep an eye on our social media feeds where we’ll be sharing all our key news and updates.

  1. National and International Expansion

From a growth perspective, this year has been exceptional and is something we’re incredibly proud of.  We’ve always thought of ourselves as one of the best kept secrets in the ERP software market and this year we’ve worked hard to spread that message in our humble way, and it’s led to us growing our customer base nationally and internationally. All our business is based on customer referrals, a badge of honour that we wear with pride as the referrals keep coming, and now, with a strong team in place and a clear vision of where we want to be we’re investing more in growth and are extremely excited to see where the next year will take us.

We’d like to thank all our customers for a fantastic year. After the challenges we all faced through the pandemic it’s been amazing to support our businesses across manufacturing, retail, logistics and 3PL assisting their growth and efficiency through automation using i2i.

We look forward to working even more closely with our community of existing customers, and super excited at welcoming onboard all of those looking to go live during 2022.

If you’re a rapidly expanding business and still getting by on excel or an outdated bespoke solution that is no longer fit for purpose and looking to update and integrate powerful business software into your business, we can help.

For full details on what our software can offer and how it can enhance your organisation visit our website.