Advanced CRM/SRM (Customer/Supplier Relationship Management)


Simple, effective Customer Relationship Management

With the world of retail, manufacturing and distribution becoming increasingly competitive, it is vital that you can win and retain customers more effectively than your rivals. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help you build strong relationships with other businesses is what will push your company to the front of the pack. By organising, structuring and improving your sales process, a CRM software system helps maximise sales conversions and turns one-off customers into long-term clients.


CRM software for manufacturers, distributors and warehouses

The easiest way to grow your business is to improve the way you service customers. Take the hard work out of managing these relationships by having access to accurate customer data whenever you need it, as well as a range of tools that streamline essential marketing tasks. Every time a customer makes a purchase, sends an email, requests a catalogue, receives a mailing, or just calls in to chat, it is an opportunity to get to know them better. These are key chances to add new information to their customer profile meaning you can build a stronger business for the future. The i2i CRM module records and tracks all of this information so that you can use it to provide tailored and personalised customer service that will really set your business apart.


Keep your business at the front of a customer’s mind

I2i software automates your marketing to customers and prospects allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business. Sending relevant and personalised communications to individuals as well as mass-mailing entire sections of your database can be performed in a matter of seconds. i2i lets you nurture your leads and develop relationships by maintaining relevant customer contact.


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