Advanced CRM/SRM (Customer/Supplier Relationship Management)

Every time a customer makes a purchase, sends an email, requests a catalogue, receives a mailing, or just calls in to chat, it’s an opportunity to know your customer better, add new information, and build your business for the future. You need to be able to record and track customer information behind the scenes while still providing the kind of high quality customer service that sets your firm apart from your competition


Simple, effective Customer Relationship Management

With the world of manufacturing and distribution becoming increasingly competitive, it is vital that you can find and retain customers more effectively than your rivals. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help you build strong relationships with other businesses is what will push your company to the front of the pack. By organising, structuring and improving your sales process, a CRM software system helps maximise sales conversions and turns one-off customers into long-term clients.


CRM software for manufacturers, distributors and warehouses

The easiest way to grow your business is to improve the way you service customers. Take the hard work out of managing these relationships by having access to accurate customer data whenever you need it and a range of tools that streamline essential marketing tasks. Every time a customer makes a purchase, sends an email, requests a catalogue, receives a mailing, or just calls in to chat, it is an opportunity to know them better, add new information and build a stronger business for the future. The i2i CRM module records and tracks all of this information so that you can use it to provide the kind of customer service that will really set your business apart.


Keep your business at the front of a customers mind

The software also takes the labour out of marketing to customers and prospects. Sending highly relevant letters to individuals as well as mass-mailing entire sections of your database can be performed in a matter of seconds. i2i lets you nurture your leads and develop relationships by keeping contact with people throughout the customer lifecycle.
Entering new orders

Reviewing previous orders.
Listing previous purchases.
Recording payments.
Managing contacts.
Update customer demographics.
Establish customer terms and credit limits.
Run monthly statements.
Manage tax-exempt status.
Apply special customer pricing discounts.

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