Human Resources


The secret to good business management is effectively and efficiently managing the way your staff operates. Human Resources form the backbone of any manufacturing or distribution company, as it is impossible for it to run without this.

Human Resource management is made simple within the i2i software. A complete Human Resource package is available for your business within the i2i software system as standard, allowing you to monitor, examine and control your efficiency measures and employee details.


Data driven management of employee productivity

The i2i software system has a number of human resource tools that can assist in the management of staff. This extends from the simplest of tasks to the more complex features. Listed below are some of the key examples that i2i customers are currently using the Human Resourcing software for.

  • Employee time management through contactless clocking in machines or self-scan computers.

  • Records employee details and allows for comments and reporting.

  • Employee time attended can be overlaid against employee time worked and output

  • Efficiency information can be output to shop floor monitors to allow for live information and targets to be set.

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