Stock Control / Inventory Management

Take control of your stock with i2i’s inventory management system, creating instant and up-to-date stock control information.


Improving customer satisfaction

We all know that successful inventory management can be a key factor in keeping overheads down and customer satisfaction high. In fact, good stock control can make the difference between keeping clients or losing them to competitors. If you don’t have what your customers need when they need it, they could go elsewhere.

With i2i it’s simple and easy to manage stock control with detailed and accurate schedules for warehouse replenishment. No matter how diverse or complex your product line, i2i’s inventory management system will allow you to set up almost any type of product with a few mouse clicks, even if you don’t possess a physical inventory!

Increased control over your stock, no matter its location

With stock control from i2i you can manage drop ship items that never actually enter your warehouse but are shipped directly from your supplier to your customer. You can also handle all aspects of item taxation that may depend on individual customer locations.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a warehouse, i2i’s inventory management systems allow you to manage stock in your preferred units of measure. I2i will even provide multiple locations within the warehouse that can include individual bins. When stock is allocated from these locations. Furthermore, when you receipt your stock, the value (price paid) is held at the location.

We can have you up and running in a matter of hours. With no high consultancy costs, i2i inventory management software is the solution your business needs to simply and effectively handle all your stock control.

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