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Providing total clarity across your whole business and complete control over every aspect of your operation.


Software solutions that will get your business moving in the right direction and help relieve you of the day to day admin tasks.

We are driven to create a perfect software package that works insync with your company and business needs. Take a look through our multitude of features and give us a shout if you have any questions.

Purchasing and Inventory Control.

Take control of your stock with a scalable solution that supports sustainable business growth.

Streamlined procurement

i2i software has the ability to streamline your procurement processes from beginning to end. From requisition requests, purchase orders, creating receipts and returns management. It has the capacity to match documents, giving you an error-free, highly efficient process for all invoice types with full compliancy.

Master data management

Find all the information you need in one, centralised place and manage detailed data in a user-friendly interface. You’ll have access to everything from account balance and purchase analysis, making it much easier to manage your stock control and schedules for warehouse replenishment.

Warehouse & accounts synced

i2i fully integrates with your warehouse giving you real time insight over goods receipts and inventory levels. You can create an accounts payable invoice automatically from a purchase order or goods receipt. i2i can also aid in shipping products from a single location, multiple sites or third party logistics companies.

Accounts payable

Save time and reduce costs with i2i accounting software which automatically records every transaction. When you record delivery of a purchase order from a supplier, i2i automatically creates a payable transaction in the i2i Accounts Payable (A/P) Journal. This enables you to set individual maximum allowable dates for each supplier. Just point & click to select invoices for payment.

Reporting & analytics

i2i offers you real-time reporting and detailed analytics across all levels of your business and display them in bespoke, interactive reports and dashboards. Having full control and visibility of your entire business process empowers you to make informed decisions faster than ever before, all based on accurate and up to date information all at the touch of your fingertips.

Software made easy

With i2i it’s simple and easy to manage stock control with detailed and accurate schedules for warehouse replenishment. No matter how diverse or complex your product line is, i2i’s superior inventory management system will allow you to set up almost any type of product with a few mouse clicks, even if you don’t possess a physical inventory!

Financial Management.

i2i software gives you total control with a full suite of financial management tools saving you valuable time and money.


i2i automates all your key accounting processes from billing, invoicing, journal entries and more. Our powerful reporting tools give you real time insight into your business data at all levels. Also integrates with your existing accounting software making the transition much smoother.

Full user control

Get full financial control with the ability to manage your businesses cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor project costs with ease. Our product ensures greater accuracy and efficiency, protecting your business from all angles.

Fixed asset management

Always have complete vision of your fixed assets with our tracking features. It’s so accurate you can pin-point which machine produced a specific part across a number of locations. Improve operational efficiency by eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry.

Banking & reconciliation

We make things easy for our customers as possible, i2i integrates with major accounting packages including XERO & SAGE, plus many more. You can keep your existing accounting software whilst benefitting from all of i2i's capabilities.

Financial reporting & analysis

Create bespoke reports from real-time data at the click of a button. i2i software helps to improve your business planning and audit review processes by allowing you to make informed decisions based on trends and analysis.

Streamlined simplicity

By streamlining your financial operations with our easy-to-use, end-to-end intuitive solution, you’ll be able to improve your margins, reduce errors and make profitable business decisions based on reliable insights.

Sales and Customer Management.

Get ahead of your competitors with our advanced CRM and SRM software ensuring you build strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

Enhanced visibility over sales

Our software gives you full visibility of your sales opportunities and lead activities, from the first contact to deal closing. With these refined upgrades you can maximise sales conversions and turn transactional customers into long-term returning clients.

Marketing Tools

Create and automate bespoke marketing activities and turn prospects into customers, growing sales and increasing profitability. The i2i CRM module records and tracks customer information, enabling you to offer a personalised customer service.

Mobile sales

Empower your field sales team with i2i’s mobile sales software. The i2i CRM module records and tracks all information which your remote sales team can access on any device, allowing them to provide tailored and personalised customer service.

Reporting & analysis

Create bespoke, detailed reports on any aspect of your sales process – from forecasting to pipeline tracking and deliver them in an easy-to-read format.

Customer management

Store all critical customer data in one, secure place by synchronising and managing customer contacts stored elsewhere.

Service management

Nurture your leads and develop relationships with customer contact automation. Create and manage warranty contracts and service agreements efficiently.

Business Intelligence.

Data driven business decisions are the best business decisions.

Customised reports

With the ability to access data from multiple sources you can create bespoke reports, customise existing ones and choose your layout. Whether you’re delivering to a sales team or your accountant, you can present your data in a way that’ll engage any audience.

Analytics with tailored KPI’s

Dramatically improve you cash balance visibility and sales performance with i2i’s analytics and predefined key performance indicators. You decide the metrics you want to measure and i2i gives you full oversight of the performance of your operation.

Intelligence & analytics

i2i business management software provides you with accurate, company-wide data and analytics to help shape the decisions that will help to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies and quickly adapt to market or supply changes.

Intuitive tools

i2i's dashboard displays with crucial data, in an easy to read format. Find out everything you need to know at a glance. Plus, you have the ability to highlight specific data, with user search assistance and workflow-based alerts.

Interactive analysis

View your business from a variety of perspectives by using i2i software fully integrated with standard Microsoft Excel functionalities. Combining the best of both platforms.

Powerful data visualisations

Enhance your reports with customisable presentation options. i2i allows you to tell the story of your business through its data, producing engaging, easy to understand reports for any audience.

Analytics and Reporting.

Capture real-time company wide data with the ease and accessibility of i2i's purpose built software.

Dashboards and reports

Design customisable dashboards and reports to reflect key information you and your teams need to see. Business management get an instant view of Key Performance Indicators enabling them to adjust quickly and make decisions.

Real-time business insights

Real time insight in to high level information that can be accessed and evaluated using our our powerful analytics. Access insight anytime, anywhere using dynamic Cloud reports and dashboards.

Inventory valuation

i2i keeps an up-to-date figure based on FIFO (first in first out), or a running average of all purchases for each stock item. With our Inventory Transaction and Cost Lot reports, you’ll be able to track each and every change.

Industry Specific Capabilities.

Our software offers industry-specific functionalities, best practices, and processes with tools designed to meet the needs of any organisation.

  • Wholesale distribution

    i2i software automates the entire distribution process ensuring efficiency and business continuity with no complications.

  • Consumer products

    Our reporting tools allow you to monitor trends, helping you to anticipate demand and track goods at every stage of the process.

  • Automated manufacturing

    i2i removes repetitive processes and allows you to manage admin more easily, meet customer demand and improve efficiencies.

  • Professional services

    Our ERP system offers you a full picture from customer behaviour to cost tracking, project management, resource planning and billing.

  • Personalised retail

    By harnessing real-time and point of sale insights you can get to know your customers better and deliver products and personalised services.

Sales and Service Support.

Our team of 1st class Account Managers and highly skilled 1st line support executives are here on every step of your journey.

With a slick ticket desk and a maximum SLA of 24hrs, plus day to day access to your Account Manager you are never on your own.

We pride ourselves on our people, they are at the core of our business and underpin our product deliver and philosophy. They are expertly trained to help nurture your business and offer tailored advice to support you.

i2i optimisation.

Fully optimise decision-making across your business.

We deliver a first class all in one business management software solution, combining automation, detailed reporting and high performance functionality expertly integrated to suit your business.

The result – you can grow your business by working more efficiently than ever before and having access to powerful data to shape your decisions. We help digitalise the winners of tomorrow.

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