Manufacturing / Works Orders

Within i2i you have the facility to create and control Works Orders


What is a works order?


Works orders are task or jobs created in the system to fulfill a Sales Order requirement or to make items for general stock. A manufactured product on a works order can have a Bill Of Materials (BoM) containing other manufactured products or purchased parts and raw materials. A works order can also have a 'Routing' where you can decide the route of your manufacturer and the work centers that it needs to go through to have an 'operation' performed and how long it should take the operator to perform.


If you are just having an item packed as part of a kit or manufacturing detailed engineering components our simple M.R.P. exceptions list will group the demand requirement along with any max/min quantities and suggest the ideal quantity to make. As soon as the Works Order is released you will then get a purchasing requirement for any items you require that cannot be fulfilled.


To compliment works orders i2i also offers Data Capture where you can record the operators time spent on each job and overlay against anticipated time. This data can then be relayed back to the operators to give selected feedback on production figures and output efficiencies.

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