Purchase Order Processing


To maximise your financial resources, i2i has integrated purchasing functions that help you to establish the best inventory levels for each stock item.


Buying Power

Whether you purchase an item from one, or a hundred suppliers and no matter how many different quantity price or discount levels you need, i2i’s flexible buying information table handles it all! Just imagine having the ability to set up special pricing in unlimited multiples for an unlimited number of suppliers. With i2i, you will always be able to purchase at the best price…Now that’s real buying power!


One Purchasing Function Handles Everything!

Purchasing is an information intensive job. The more precise the information, the faster and more accurate the job becomes! i2i makes the best use of your time by combining the reports you need with the actual purchasing process. Maybe you’re looking for a list of all of your products that have reached their defined low-level amount? How about a list of all those products that you purchase from a particular supplier? Or a list of products that you can purchase with a group discount? i2i automatically shows you how much of the product you bought the last time you purchased it and from whom.

Purchasing has never been so cost effective and time efficient.


Print and Track Purchase Orders

Once you’ve made your purchases, printing, faxing, or e-mailing purchase orders for each supplier is just a mouse click away. i2i automatically includes the correct buying level pricing as well as any supplier terms or special discounts. You can also quickly spot check your undelivered purchases to determine which suppliers are not filling your orders on time!


Back Orders Resolved

When your supplier delivers the product to you, just select the corresponding purchase order and record the actual amount delivered. If you have back orders for a product at the time that you record delivery from your supplier, i2i resolves any back orders for the product for you, starting with the oldest back order in the system.

Discover how we can transform your purchase ordering process today.