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Point of Sale Development

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

YC Sports have several in town stores with an out of town warehouse they were using separate systems to manage stock at the warehouse and Point of Sale stock in the shops. The i2i system could easily handle the warehouse stock, works orders etc. Whilst we had a trade counter in the system this was great for Trade counters such as Screwfix, Plumb centre etc. where a short wait for an A4 sized invoice/receipt was acceptable. This wasn’t suitable for a fast selling shop which can have customers queuing at the door at peak times of the year. We initially considered integrating/linking with an existing EPOS system (why reinvent the wheel!) however there was a need for a specific requirement for the EPOS to be mobile and work offline for possibly days while a mobile store was setup at a school or event. We discovered that while some online epos systems claim to work offline they were really only designed for intermittent loss of internet connection for minutes at a time. So to give YC Sports the solution they really needed we decided to develop our own EPOS system that’s installed locally on the PC/EPOS Terminal utilising a local instance of SQL server that synchronises with the main i2i SQL Server database. This allows the EPOS to be taken offsite and used for Days at a time with no internet access and when back online Sales and stock data is synchronised, this also has the added benefit that if internet access is disrupted at the shops the EPOS will continue to work seamlessly.

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