Consulting work is carried out by the i2i team to ensure that we can maximise the service in which we offer to our customers. Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, we believe that we have the skills and capabilities to offer you an extremely competitive rate but also deliver the quality that you want.


i2i offers two forms of consulting:

Consulting with i2i: The i2i software package is a large software package that when used fully can totally enhance your business in all areas. Therefore, we can offer consultancy where we will look to ensure that your business is using the i2i software package to its maximum utilisation or even look at changing the processes involved in either the i2i software or your own internal processes. With a wealth of knowledge and experience we can help plan and implement the best ways for your business to move forward with i2i.

Business Consulting: After working with businesses of all sizes over many years we have developed a team that can provide business consultancy to enhance your business. i2i will come into your business and assess your business processes and look at ways to make changes for the better. Whether your business is failing in a certain area or if you are looking to implement something new, i2i will be able to help.

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Database Development

Inventory 2 invoice Limited Provide other services outside of their core Business Software.

We pride ourselves on the collective knowledge within our business of software development and design. Over the past years we have created bespoke software for business with specific needs.


Our team can deliver full life cycle development and turn your requirements into real solutions. 

Cloud Hosting

As an addition to our bespoke development why not have your application hosted in the cloud on our application servers using the latest technology provided by 'Parallels'.

This will give you access to your application on any PC, Mac or tablet.

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