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Milestone Blog: Sachin Kothapalli

Milestone Blog: Sachin Kothapalli

Sachin Kothapalli grew up in Bangalore, the Tech Hub of India. If you believe in fate, you might say he was always destined to be a bit of a techie.

After completing a degree in Computer Science with flying colours, Sachin worked as a Business Developer for a year but couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting a bigger challenge.

He wanted something that would push him out of his comfort zone and offer him the chance to grow into bigger things. So, he relocated to the UK to study an MSc in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics.

He told us:

“Initially it was difficult. I did not know anyone here and it was a bit of a cultural shock – I had never left India before!

Over time, I started adapting. I travelled more, met more people and was constantly learning new things. It was a busy couple of years, but I graduated with an award as one of the best students of my group.

My plan was to go on to pursue a PhD but when the pandemic hit, I could not secure funding for my PhD. Instead of whiling my time away I decided to broaden my knowledge base with the most popular subject in the world at the time, data science and that’ what brought me to Cardiff, pursuing a MSc in Data Science.”

Sachin and Gareth connected through LinkedIn. i2i was growing rapidly and looking to expand the team and Sachin was looking for an industry placement and had a particular interest in start-ups and SME’s where he knew he could make an impact.

“Right from the offset, i2i ticked all the boxes for me. Gareth and Nathan were incredibly welcoming. They understood my situation with the placement and made accommodations and they have been nothing but encouraging since.

As someone who is stepping out after a while in academia, I could not have asked for a better team to have around me to help me acclimatize to the demands of the corporate environment. It’s also not all work. The banter, the music, the lessons through shared experiences, it’s been an incredible start to my life at i2i.” He added.

Sachin joined us in June 2022 as Data Scientist and C# Developer but as a small and agile business, he gets involved in so much more. He’s made a big impact in a short space of time having worked extensively on C# development for our hand-held computers and the EPOS software. He’s been heavily involved with a number of projects including bespoke development for one of our biggest clients. On top of that Sachin has been working on Azure management, SQL Development, and client support.

Sachin said: “The biggest milestone in these 5 months is the progress we have made on the hand-held computers. I have released 25 versions updating them since I joined and each of these versions are filled with new features that have further enamored i2i to our clients.

We have introduced features like GRN and WO image capture, with the ability to edit these pictures on the go, Shop Floor Data Capturing, Sales and Works Order Picking, Warehouse Stock Movement, and most recent inclusion of the GRN module that allows clients to Receive in Goods and Allocate through the devices.”

Sachin has settled into the team with ease and got stuck in from day one. As a small business, it’s critical that our team work dynamically together and that we really understand each other. Not just on a business level, but on a personal one too.

He told us: “What sets i2i apart from my other jobs has definitely been the people. With Gareth, Nathan, Lee and Ceri, I could not have asked for a better team to have around me. They are extremely professional at their jobs, but they also go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and part of the team.

They are empathetic (which is becoming a rarity in employers now) and empower you to learn and improve every single day. Most importantly, they always provide an inclusive atmosphere. These qualities, and so much more, set i2i apart from the rest of the companies in the field.

I couldn’t pick just one favourite thing about working here. Aside from Gareth’s playlist when on the road, it’s probably how much I have been able to learn and develop as a person and professional. I am someone who is obsessed with constantly learning and developing myself. The professional that I am today compared to the professional I was 5 months ago, I have progressed leaps and bounds”

We’d have to agree. It’s been a pleasure having Sachin as part of the team and to see him put his vast amount of knowledge into practice in a real-world setting. We have high hopes for Sachin’s future.

We are always interested in speaking to talented individuals who share our passion for problem solving and delivering excellent service.

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