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Andrew Trott

Rhino Global Ltd

“i2i has enabled us to combine our previously separate systems for sales orders, inventory management & purchasing, dispatch & invoicing into a single system, thus saving us huge amounts of time in data entry & data transfer between systems. The availability & easy of finding information across departments has released an unquantifiable amount of time from each of those departments enabling staff to focus on other tasks.”
”When receiving a purchase order i2i enables me to receive & allocate to specific orders whilst highlighting any further demand, following on from this I’m able to scan & trace an individual product from purchasing through to dispatch, enabling us to identify & resolve any issues very quickly. Where we have required additional support such as tailored sales reports or just assistance in running a process the help desk has always been very efficient & accommodating.”
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Keiron Blackburn

Rhino Global Ltd

“i2i has given us a one stop solution for stock control, sales management & invoicing. This has enabled us to streamline our process as well as improve our warehouse management, to better manage our supply chain and customer orders. The purpose built software is constantly updated to fulfil our needs.”

Matt Davies

Recliners Ltd

“Since migrating from a paper-based system/process to i2i in 2016 we have not only seen financial benefits but also a significant reduction in man hours spent on tasks, benefiting from the user-friendly inventory control process.”
“Historically we would sift through large amounts of data to forecast component ordering, now it is simply completed with a click of a button. We receive a faultless personal service from i2i for a number of years, readily available for any support with a pick-up of the phone. For anyone thinking of using i2i, don’t think, do it. You won’t regret it.”
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Jason Ashman

Director, Reval Continuing Care Ltd

Working with i2i was a pleasant change. The i2i team facilitated all of our needs and during the transition phase and on-going use of the system we purchased from them. The system has met the needs of the business in all aspects of our current and on-going needs. The real beauty of using and working in partnership with i2i is that they are intuitive to our needs and are available to make adjustments and innovations to the product tailored to our changing business needs.

Stacey Taylor

Reval Continuing Care Ltd

“Reval have been using I2I Distribution and Stock control for many years. The system is crucial to our day to day operations as we rely on the software to effectively action all our day to day sales and purchase order requirements, to automate our complete product inventory control with precision and to organise our customer and supplier account information with ease.”
”The platform is used by all members of our team regardless of their role in the company so a system that is easy to use and easy to navigate is very important to us. We really love the versatility there is in the system to allows us to organise and extract all this activity into meaningful reporting data that help give us good insight on what is going on within the business on any given period of time, this is invaluable. On the rare occasion that we encounter any problems the process to report this couldn’t be easier and in our experience there is always a member of the I2I team on hand to offer a very speedy resolution.”
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Lyndon Slann

Managing Director, EasyCorp UK Ltd

The team at i2i have worked tirelessly to help us implement the new system, they have tweaked and added new functions to deal with our individual needs and most importantly supported us whole heartedly when we needed it most.
On-going support, being there (remotely) to hold our hands and helping us to understand is the key to their success, it is unusual today to find companies that do exactly what they promise but i2i have. I cannot praise them enough, they have and continue to be a pleasure to deal with.
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Donna Sykes

Purchasing Manager, Cyclops Electronics Ltd

Having last year added the subcontract manufacturing division Daniel Josefsson Ltd into our group, we needed to implement an MRP system quickly. i2i fitted the bill proving to be user friendly and easy to implement with minimum training required. The friendly i2i team delivered quick effective training and we were up and running within a couple of weeks. The flexibility of the team to adapt the software to our individual requirements has been a real benefit.
We now have a system that allows us to control and purchase materials effectively, manage works orders and inventory and quote and acknowledge our customers quickly. There are still many features of the software that we have to try and we look forward to continuing our work with the i2i team.
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Simon Walker

Commercial Director, UPM Kymmene UK Ltd

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent response to this company in respect of the i2i project. In order to succeed, your company were selected over a range of competitors and ultimately the flexibility and can-do attitude of you and your team were the deciding factor along with the excellence and versatility of the software itself. Moreover, we asked you to perform miracles in linking your modern technology into our somewhat archaic system and you have succeeded in achieving this, despite some real hurdles along the way.
Whilst circumstances have conspired to make this a short term project, I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company for similar work, to any sized organisation. As you know UPM is a global player in the manufacture of newsprint and your systems were adapted to handle all of our requirements. Finally, may I ask you to pass on my congratulations to your co-workers for an excellent job, well done and at a very high standard of technical achievement. I hope to work with you again and your team again one day.
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David Oxenham

Director, Turner Precision Ltd

We are a precision engineering company that manufactures small to medium batch quantities on various machines from conventional millers, CNC machining centers and sliding headstock lathes. We have been using i2i for more than a year and must say from the very beginning the implementation has been extremely smooth and training along with the support is of the highest standard.
Without a doubt as a supplier to the aircraft industry i2i has gone a long way in helping us gain accreditation for ISO. As head of operations in previous positions I can honestly say that i2i does exactly what it needs without being over complicated. We now enjoy full control from inventory, Purchasing, Material tractability, Quotations, Sales Dispatch, Production (controlled through works orders) and Invoicing. I have no hesitation in recommending this software package. Well done i2i!
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Judith Evans

Newlec Assemblies Ltd

We have been an i2i user for 15 months, the system has made us more efficient as a company at processing, purchasing and despatching product. Stock has become easier to control and the system has greatly increased traceability of all products. We find i2i staff always polite, helpful and all issues solved promptly. The i2i staff are always willing to taylor the system to suit our companies needs and we would have no problem in recommending i2i to other companies.

Mike Fox-Russell

Director, Koolbox Limited

From the very first contact we have been entirely confident dealing with i2i. We have around 5,000 sku’s from 6 or 7 suppliers from Scandinavia to Canada. Making sense of what we need and when is an absolute must. I2i does this for us like never before and like no other we looked at! They don’t just do what they say, they do it with pleasure and promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Balazs Altordai

Sales Director, Major Brushes Ltd

We have been using the i2i software for 4 years and found both the software and the company behind it extremely good to work with. The software is easy to use, works for us like a custom-built solution and has been easy to integrate with other applications. The guys at ‘Nimble’ are flexible, efficient, offer a one-stop-shop IT solution package and clearly pride themselves on achieving growth through customer satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Alun Hobbs

Managing Director, Hobbs Valve Ltd

Forming an industrial valve manufacturing business from scratch is a challenge in itself, growing the business however is less daunting now that i2i have created and installed their information management system.
Following a smooth install and training programme the system is proving to be time saving with its pro-active CRM. Complete with tools to operate sales, quoting and purchasing, along with efficient material handling, the system is well equipped to assist all departments.
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Ryan Davis

Director, GHE Solar Ltd

To become accredited to the Microgenerations certification scheme (MCS) as a solar installer, all the processes behind the company scenes had to be inspected to ensure the customer receives the highest level of service. The i2i system went a long way to ticking the boxes required by the examiner.
Our company couldn’t do without it now; it ensures everything runs smoothly and allows us to keep on top of demand. Amid the system performing all manner of tasks, the training and support received is second to none; the technicians go above and beyond and are happy to adapt the system to meet our specific requirements. I would recommend it to anyone.
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Dave Baker

Managing Director, Icom Works Ltd

From the early part of 2008 we as a company decided to take on and install i2i Job management software to assist our design studio. From being in a reactive state and endless paper chasing and tiresome updates of excel files, i2i has now enabled us to streamline the business. After simple installation we were able to get up and running in a matter of hours, producing detailed quotations and converting them to sales orders with full tracking of time spent and cost variance reports.
We highly recommend i2i it’s quick to set up, straightforward to use, swift to implement, and easy to administrate and, importantly, gave us a platform to start planning efficiently. It has also enabled us to be more proactive in a very short space of time. The service we received from the i2i helpdesk was excellent we required some basic customisation of the system, and changes were performed accurately and with great speed and zero hassle. Great product, excellent service.
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Tony Birkin

Financial Director, Select Hardware Ltd

We have been using i2i software for over two years within our Midlands based warehouse facility which contains over 3,000 different products for the D.I.Y. industry. The software supports our main ERP software(Syspro), primarily the software allows the sales force to remotely upload their orders via a handheld device ready to be processed and picked within minutes of receiving.
We are also using the warehouse module which serves up to 15 wireless units for our warehouse staff to seamlessly receipt and move stock along with stock taking and information. The i2i software plays a valuable part in our business as it has enabled us to streamline and save costs on manual input for stock control and sales.
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Jim Smith

Director, Cooleasy

I would just like to express my gratitude for all your help and efforts during the I2I software installation, training and after sales support. Before committing to I2I we did extensive research on competitor MRP software but were reassured by your friendly and flexible approach. The many features I2I offered appealed as did the extremely low start up costs. The installation went smoothly and all our staff came away from your training feeling confident and able due to the user friendliness of the system.
The software has made a big difference to the way we operate, helping us to become more efficient and saving so much time. I can’t remember the last time we were out of stock of key lines and we are now able to manage both our customers and suppliers at the push of a button. We have seen many benefits through the whole supply chain from order capture, through stock control to dispatch and invoicing. I also believe the increase in sales we have seen is in no small part due to the ease and speed of quoting customers through i2i, the subsequent follow up reminders of the system, followed by the simple conversion to sales order and speedy dispatch. Once again many thanks for all your support. I will be recommending your software to many of our suppliers to help improve our supply chain even further.
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