Valve Industry Features


At i2i we understand that the valve industry may not be something of interest within your business however, as we develop based around our community of users when new features are added to the system we do not, like many others, ask our users to pay for individual bolt ons. Therefore as the system is not split down into smaller systems you, as a user, get access to the full system. Therefore if you feel that any of the features could be of help to your business then you are welcome to use them as part of your membership.


As a company we have worked within the valve industry with our users and believe that we have developed a series of essential processes that need to be carried out within this industry. Some of what we feel are the more important features are highlighted below. Please remember do not be put off by this as you do not have to use all of the features within your package, we are also not industry specific and believe that our package can be used by any business.


Valve Industry Features:


  • Valve Specific Works Orders

  • Material Traceability

  • Certificate of Conformity (all produced by the click of a button!)

  • Part Ship Orders

  • Quote Revision

  • Sales Order Revision

  • Document Revision

  • Company Procedures – A procedure can be written for each form effectively creating a customer help manual for your business

  • Create Material Data Sheets (MDS) and link parts in the inventory. Easily create groups of parts using the MDS number embedded in the part number

  • Create Valve data sheet using bill of materials on the quote

  • Create a Design Plan


We are continuing to develop within all types of industries and as a user you will receive regular information regarding any changes within the development community.